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To do[edit source]

Wiki Maintenance[edit source]

  • Find out why over long description text is no longer Trimmed by {{QuoteSummary}}!
  • The quality pages for The Hybrid's Humanity and The Hybrid's Moon-Misery show that there's no use for them, despite the fact that the categories exist and are populated. Possibly something to do with the ' in the quality name, but it should have been dealt with since {{Quality}} uses "#titleparts" to access the page title exactly for this reason.

Cleanup[edit source]

Chase Game Updates[edit source]

Improve[edit source]

Edit: Apparently saying something like transclusion/transcluded from in the edit summary is blocked because of heavy abuse. Using an alternative summary worked)

Templates[edit source]

  • Best-in-slot calculator doesn't treat Ambition items as mutually exclusive.
  • The quality pages for The Hybrid's Humanity and The Hybrid's Moon-Misery show that there's no use for them, despite the fact that the categories exist and are populated. Possibly something to do with the ' in the quality name, but it should have been dealt with since {{Quality}} uses "#titleparts" to access the page title exactly for this reason.
  • {{Airs}} should probably not directly categorize under the quality's main category - this makes it impossible to differentiate between actions setting this quality and actions requiring certain levels of it.
  • Update all items in Cateogry:Whitsun Items to use the "Whitsun Items" category in their {{Item}} template (instead of just "Whitsun"). Then remove the workaround from {{Item}}.
  • Update Module:ItemList for Ambition items:
    • Categorize as Ambition Items
    • Update best-in-slot calculator to filter based on Ambition
  • {{Unlock}}: Actions (including social actions) which require a specific profession to unlock (e.g. Invite a Correspondent acquaintance to educate the orphans) should be categorized under the specific profession and not simply under Category:Profession).
  • {{Item}} should deal with the potential list of effects with a module, like {{Storylet}} and {{Card}} do with Options.
    • ({{#invoke:Item|effects}}? {{#invoke:ItemEffects|main}}?)
  • Figure out what to do with Calculators not showing up on Mobile view.
  • Try to only use automatically retrieved images for Items/Qualities:
    • Update {{IL}} template and Module:IL with a new optional parameter ("big"/"small") to force using either the small or the full size image (if it exists!)
    • Update such templates as {{Item}}, {{Item Sources}}, {{Item Uses}} (and for Qualities) to retrieve the "full" (big) image, if so specified (use "image" param to maintain compatibility).
    • Add in those templates a maintenance category if not retrieving the image automatically, or if it doesn't exist.
    • Possibly use a bot to scan those pages in the maintenance category, remove the explicit image at the top, and add the "image" parameter to the template (to force retrieving the image automatically).
    • Once this is done for all instances, change the default so that an "image" parameter isn't required, and run a bot to cleanup.
  • Possibly only use "Success" and "Failure" in section headings of an Action's page if this involved a challenge of some kind. Otherwise it's just the "Result" of the action (not a "success").
  • Standardize {{Success}}, {{Rare Success}}, {{Failure}} (and possibly others) so that they all use the same param names as the "normal" {{Action}} (i.e. "Title", "Description" and not "Success title"/"Failure title"/"Rare success title" etc.). Will require a bot.
  • Create a Lua table mapping quality names to types (e.g. "Story", "Accomplishment"). Modify the {{Quality uses}} template to use this table to include a quality's category page under a proper sub-cateory of Category:Quality Usages. Modify {{Quality}} template to flag in a maintenance category those qualities which have not had this info properly recorded yet.
  • Separate Red Cards from Autofire storylet events.
    • Specifically, this template doesn't add the location-specific category which {{Card}} does.
  • Update {{Quality}} so that it only adds things to maintenance categories (e.g. Category:Qualities without Category‎) if it's called from the Main or Category namespaces (to ignore test pages in users' namespaces).
  • Rename {{Increase}}'s "Quirk cap" to "cap". Requires a bot. Also for {{Item Gain}}
  • Qualities should be "normal" pages, not category pages. For ease of navigation, their page should include an embedded list of categorized pages requiring the quality (like in Item pages).
  • Add "cost", "card", and "remote" as optional parameters to {{Lodgings}}
  • New {{Accomplish}} template to display getting a new Accomplishment text, plus add the category. e.g. Host a State Dinner
  • Should qualities which increase discreetly and not linearly use {{Item Gain}} or {{Gain}}?
  • Add Documentation pages to some common templates.
  • Consider using the "|left" alignment for images via {{I}} and {{IL}}, to solve issues with very long text braking lines. (example).
    • Find a way to do this without breaking compatibility of lots of uses of these templates inside sentences and not just as action results.
    • Possibly by using an optional param to these templates which is only toggled by result-oriented templates, such as {{Increase}}, {{Item Gain}}, etc.
    • Maybe set such a variable at the end of {{Action}} and its friends? This way other pages won't use the floating-left version of {{I}} and {{IL}}. Just no way to toggle such a variable off at the end of the Action page. Also, social action pages will be trickier to handle.
      • Possibly: (1) update just {{I}} to use "|left" if some variable is set. (2) Have {{Action}} clear that variable at start, and set it at the end.
  • For some reason, the {{Options}} template doesn't strip categories from the "Locked with" (e.g. if it uses {{Unlock}} by mistaken or on purpose), as it does with things coming from the "Unlocked with" field.
  • Category:Social Actions templates
  • Update the Broad quality list generator to provide a more coherent list if the challenge level is less than the qualifier (60).
  • Combine the first section of {{Storylet}}, {{Card}}, and a few Social Action templates to a single template. Possibly with {{Action}}, too.
  • Either {{Increase}} and/or {{Gain}} templates to include an option for a custom text message displayed, and automatically display the actual increase in parenthesis (e.g. ToL increase). Ideally, have just one of these, e.g.:
    • Add a new optional field "Display text".
    • If this field isn't used, behave as {{Increase}} does today.
    • If the field is there, show the text (italicized), with the change in CP/levels in parenthesis, taking into account the "now" or "to" fields, if available. (e.g. something happened [Sets [xxx] to yyy]).
  • Likewise for {{Drop}} and {{Loss}}.
  • New potential templates?
    • Profession and/or Gaining a Profession
    • Destiny and/or Gaining a Destiniy
    • Acquiring a Route to a place in London
    • Gaining/losing Closest To status with factions
  • Fix {{Venture}}
  • Update {{Connections}} once Favours/Renown conversion is done. Potentially create a new template ({{Faction}}?) for converted factions (give an intro to the faction, link to its Favours/Renown pages, faction item, Renown items, etc.)
  • Modify Options template so that when expanding it shows lock/unlock requirements also for social actions.
  • {{Quality}} should link to the Gain/Loss categories only if they exist (or possibly controlled with an optional param). Some qualities cannot be decreased, for example.
  • Clarify, cleanup, and document template categories: Category:Templates, Echo_Bazaar_Wiki:Templates, Special:Templates
  • See if using a Module can bypass the "30 options" limitation (and inefficiencies) of {{Storylet}} and {{Card}}
  • Update {{Item}} such that it adds the page to categories based on item effects (e.g. "Category:Dangerous Gain Items"). Possibly easier to use the Module data and not the Effects parameters of the template.
  • Add an Author parameter to the {{Fatestory}} template. To be used when the author is known.(list)
  • Create a {{Deck}} template for areas with their own deck, and for those with no deck.
    • Update {{Places}} so it add the note pointing to the custom deck page/category. Manually remove from pages having such a note outside the Places template.
  • Try to find a way to use an <includeonly> section in the {{Item}} template (not shown on the item page itself), such that for equip-able items, it will create header sections with item's stat impacts. Then transclude just the right section into the right Stat-Items page (e.g. Dangerous Items). This will update the stat items pages automatically just by creating a new item page with stats listed.
  • Combine {{Success}}, {{Rare Success}}, and the success section of {{Action}} to a single template. {{Failure}} too, for that matter, with possibly a need for a Rare Failure template, if only for Behold the cat.
  • Modify {{Card}} to add Category:Location-specific cards in London automatically based on location field.
  • {{Item}} template should automatically add the relevant item type category, if it exists (currently only seems to work for equippable item categoeries).
  • {{NarrowChallenge}}:
    • Automatically add the relevant "Challenge category" same as in {{BroadChallenge}}.
    • Modify so that it only displays success chances when positive
    • Add an optional parameter for min value to display (for cases where there's a quality requirement for even playing the option, so low values are not possible, e.g. A lapis-framed mirror
  • {{Action}} template should automatically add Luck challenge text+category based on Challenge Information field
  • Fix {{Embed}}:
    • Find out why it includes categories from the embedded pages ({{Options}} doesn't).
    • Find out why it breaks with too many embeds in a page (e.g. Category:An Intimate of Devils)
      • Answer: Media Wiki engine limitation (also happens on Wikipedia on a page with too many templates). Probably nothing we can do.
  • Move pages which use {{Stories}} to use {{Quality}} with its new params.