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Hi. I'm Яхрыс. I edit stuff on this wiki. I only use source mode, and I only view pages in desktop mode. My wiki-editing bot is User:E SUN THE SUN TH.

I'm on vacation! I'll check the recent changes from time to time, but don't expect much activity or great response times. Thanks for understanding :)

My most visible contributions are the new storylet and card page layouts with embedded results. Other notable ones are persuading my bot to include images with all unlock/lock/location information and redesigning item pages.

I don't particularly like tracking my exact CP outside of FL so won't be a great help with figuring out that kind of information most of the time.

I don't like achievements. At all. So there won't be any here.

To-do and would-be-nice list[edit source]

(feel free to steal from it at your leisure!)

  • CtD guide: embed more storylet images (like Palace Comp/AA)
  • Progress / Disambig / Stories
  • many more lists of repeatable item sources (cf. Category:Glim Sources) especially at non-PoSI levels
  • further expand Template:IL and use it on more pages
    • Echo/Penny
  • help with quirk overview pages (cf. Category:Hedonist Gain)
  • finish work on heist page
    • noteworthy cards, more sorted recommendations
  • table listing the ways of becoming and losing Closest To factions, and the requirement/cost (I started work on this already, so maybe don't grab this one… as you'd largely duplicate efforts better spent on other things!)
  • living story cleanup: link the story that will start from the message, instead of LS article
  • find a better way of representing "linked storylets" (cf. Redirect template)
  • generic item/quality/accomplishment/… gain/loss template similar to IL
    • pretty tough task all in all
    • start collecting layouts in sandbox first (also the weirder, rarer ones)
  • get rid of useless empty lines in Action/Fate template
    • harder than it sounds
  • social action / k&c templates source and output are a bit confusing