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Train with the Topsy King

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From: Ambition: Meet with the Topsy King

The Topsy King has forgotten about the Marvellous for now. Instead he is writing down a lengthy compendium of invisible operas – for posterity. He will only assist you if you first help him in this impossible task.

Unlocked with Bookblack.png 5 x Uncanny Incunabula, Scrawl1.png 100 x Correspondence Plaques, Heartsdesire.png Ambition: Heart's Desire! exactly 680, Library.png 30 x Volumes of Collated Research

Locked with Topsy2.png Topsy by Halves 2, Topsy2.png Topsy Training


The art of diminution

[…]you provide the last of your researches […] what little you can make out suggests he is telling his own life-story […] He teaches you the art of being very small […] that your opponent assumes you are already finished.

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