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From Fallen London Wiki

Hi Rahv7 I recently noticed that the Places part of the navigation bar is lagging behind the actual places in the game; it misses Parabola,Railway content (only Ealing Gardens has been released but we know that more stations are coming) and the Laboratory. Shouldn't it be updated with at least the Railway and Parabola?

Edit: In a similar vein Whitsun is missing from the Seasonal events.

And something else entirely (yes, I've found another thing I need to ask you). By searching for Fallen London Wiki: I've found a few other pages which could use an update:

What should we do with those pages? Some of them seem useful to me (such as Fallen London Wiki:Administrators and Fallen London Wiki:About (once properly updated)) while some others Fallen London Wiki:Protected page among others are in my opinion useless.

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