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Social Influence

From Fallen London Wiki

Just how far does your web of influence extend? [As it approaches 100, you will no longer be able to add Acquaintances or benefit from Patronage... until you've disposed of someone.]

Make Acquaintances to increase this.

See Category:Social Influence for pages which require this quality (or specific levels of it), or click here to show them.

Unlocked with

Wiki note: This quality is known as Influence in-game. It has been renamed to Social Influence here to discern from the item category.

Levels[edit source]

  • 1-3: A Friend in Need
  • 4-6: A Well-Connected Individual
  • 7-10: A Popular Sort
  • 11-21: A Leading Light
  • 22-32: A Name to be Reckoned With
  • 33-43: A Kind of Eminence
  • 44-54: Always in Demand
  • 55-65: A Shaper of Tastes
  • 66-76: A Power in London
  • 77-100: The Centre of the Web