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Secure an invitation to a Seasoned Housebreaker's game of whist

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From: Making your Name: Going Up in the World

She has an eye for talent, and her admiration would win you friends. Perhaps if you engage in some lavish spending of ill-gotten gains, you'll attract her attention.

Game Instructions: This will advance your A Name Whispered in Darkness quality, and advance the story of your Shadowy activities.

Unlocked with Flit.png Route: The Flit, Jade.png 1000 x Jade Fragment



A spending spree here. A donation there. […]. Sure enough, […] The Housebreaker […] invites you to one of her "little gatherings aloft".

That night, you [head] to the roof of the Actaeon […]. The false-stars are bright tonight; the smog is thin.

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