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Rely on your connections with Summerset College to procure a copy

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From: Ambition – The Beechwood Archive

There is a cost, the librarian says, for all borrowings from the Beechwood Archive. It should cover a luncheon.

Unlocked with Papers3.png 5 x Comprehensive Bribes, Bottlegreen.png 15 x Bottles of Muscaria Brandy, Library.png 15 x Volumes of Collated Research, Bottleandglassredsmall.png 1000 x Bottles of Greyfields 1882, Heartsdesire.png Investigating a Conflicted Parson exactly 40, University.png Connected: Summerset 15


A donation

The librarian makes a note in a vast ledger[…] They mark your request as a 'donation to the Dean of New Theology's Annual Lecture.'[…] two sub Provosts and a Vice Chancellor must approve the request[…] Should it be found, you'll be able to retrieve it[…]."

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Success Instructions: This is an opportune moment to investigate another winner. The story of Beechwood's 'Moral Selection' will continue in due course.