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Prepare a record

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From: Ambition Nemesis – The Book of Red Murder

Should you fail, there will be others. Should you succeed, history will demand a testament. There is no story like yours. Once completed, it must not be forgotten.

Unlocked with Nemesis.png Ambition: Nemesis exactly 160, Bookblack.png 1 x Uncanny Incunabulum, Library.png 5 x Volume of Collated Research, Graffitihiero.png 5 x Presbyterate Passphrase


Necessary connections

[…]Your story will be written in irrigo ink, produced on violant pages. The words will disappear, the pages will not forget.[…]

[…] Should you fall, there is now a last prayer that the one who comes after you will […] finish what you have begun. […]

Description summary:
From your resources of written works, you somehow learned of the means to put all your travails into written record, for the sake of those who would seek revenge against Mr. Cups too. This is practically a milestone in this ambition storyline.

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