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PoSI Item Crafting (Mobile View)

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This is a guide to the special extended inventory items available to Persons of Some Importance. Most of these must be crafted from components which are expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain. The first section of the guide lists the items along with their components and effects; the second lists the best ways to acquire those components.

Affiliation[edit source]

Business. Pleasure.

(Note: You must choose between owning a Salon or an Orphanage; you cannot have both! Currently, you cannot sell or exchange one for the other, so decide with care.)

Salon2small.png A Salon[edit source]

Doorsmall.png An Orphanage[edit source]

(Watchful +1, Respectable +4)

Pirategreensmall.png Gang of Hoodlums[edit source]

(Shadowy +1, Dreaded +2)

Final Step:

Bluestockingsmall.png Membership of God's Editors[edit source]

(Persuasive +1, Respectable +4)

OR you could substitute the above requirements with one of the following (you do not lose the copy) -

Final Step:

Newspapersmall.png Newspaper[edit source]

(Persuasive +1, Watchful +1)

Final Steps (your choice of candidates for each department):

*(You do not lose these "ingredients" if you opt to use them!)
Publication Storyline:

(Note: Every time you wish to publish, a contraption is needed to start the printing presses. Though if you're content with owning a newspaper that never publishes anything, you won't need to sacrifice your contraptions!)

Transport[edit source]

Lie back and enjoy the ride. ...Unless you're atop a velocipede. Then pedal like blazes!

Velocipedesmall.png Velocipede[edit source]

Sedansmall.png Clay Sedan Chair[edit source]

Landausmall.png Respectable Landau[edit source]

(Respectable +2)

OR you could substitute the above requirements with the following items:

Fate-Locked Vehicles[edit source]

Horseblacksmall.png Obdurate Stallion (Dreaded +2)
Chariotratsmall.png Ratwork Velocipede (Shadowy +1, Dreaded +2, Respectable +2)
Ponysmall.png Thoroughly Cowed Pony (Shadowy +2)

Home Comfort[edit source]

Bring bling to your home.

Porticodarksmall.png Formidable Basalt Gymnasium[edit source]

(Dangerous +1)

Librarysmall.png Voluminous Library[edit source]

(Watchful +1)
You can either fight for your distant relative's case of books in court:
Your legal case is a luck challenge. Every time you battle in court and lose, you pay this fee -

When you win, your lawyers take the following items -

OR you could assemble an esoteric collection of your research from Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery 4:

Fate-Locked Furnishings[edit source]

Tarotsmall.png Collection of Discomfiting Photographs (Shadowy +1)
Volcanosmall.png Tapestry from the Elder Continent (Persuasive +1)
Drinkscabinetsmall.png Extraordinary Drinks Cabinet (Persuasive +2)
Stalactitehousesmall.png Probably a Coincidence (Persuasive +1, Dreaded +1)
Weathercocksmall.png Terrifying Weathercock (Dangerous +2)
Telescopeglimsmall.png White Glim Telescope (Watchful +2)

Ship[edit source]

Your zee-faring vessel leads you to fascinating new lands and their unique stories. By the decree of the Masters, you may only own one ship, but you're able to sell one and buy another at any time.

The first steps are the same for each ship:

(Additional costs for each ship are listed beneath their names.)

Shipsmall.png Rusty Tramp Steamer[edit source]

Ship3small.png Swift Zee-clipper[edit source]


OR you could substitute the above requirements with the following item -

Final Step:

Submarinesmall.png Zubmarine[edit source]

Shipbigsmall.png Majestic Pleasure Yacht[edit source]

(Respectable +2)

Final Step:

This is a triple challenge. You must succeed at all the challenges to claim the yacht: Persuasive, Watchful, and luck. If you lose, you forfeit the following items -

If you win, the yacht is yours but you must surrender the following items -

Spouse[edit source]

Marriage bestows the Committed quality. You may only bond yourself to one spouse a time. You can divorce them as you please and wed another, but the divorce process is quite costly.

Bohoposhsmall.png Celebrated Artist's Model[edit source]

(Watchful +1)
Step 1. A variety of ways to woo her. (The CP awarded for each option differ, but the wiki lacks most of the CP information.) -

Step 2. (Use one choice to progress!) -



Step 3.

Final Step:

Chap2small.png Master Jewel Thief[edit source]

(Persuasive +1)
Preparation: Step 1. A variety of ways to woo him. (The CP awarded for each option differ, but the wiki lacks most of the CP information.) -

Step 2. (Use one choice to progress!) -



Step 3.

Final Step:

Fate-Locked Companions[edit source]

Rubberymansmall.png Boneless Consort (Bizarre +3)
Chap1small.png Cultured Attaché (Watchful +1, Persuasive +1)
Bohogirl4small.png Cultured Attachée (Watchful +1, Persuasive +1)
Faceloversmall.png Comfortable Intriguer (Dangerous +1, Shadowy +1)
Boho8small.png Devout Intriguer (Dangerous +1, Shadowy +1)

Club[edit source]

You may only choose one club. After becoming a member, you shall be able to leave your current club and join the other club if you wish.

Butlersmall.png The Parthenaeum[edit source]

Bloomerssmall.png The Young Stags' Club[edit source]

(Shadowy +1, Dreaded +2, Bizarre +2)

Clayman3small.png The Clay Tailor Club[edit source]

(Persuasive +1, Bizarre +4)
Base requirements for any option:

Then you can either gather these resources:

OR you could substitute the above requirements if you have any of the following items:

Sophiasmall.png Sophia's[edit source]

Lodgings[edit source]

The 4-card Premises at the Bazaar lodgings has two options for purchase, an expensive non-PoSI option and a cheaper PoSI option. The other 4-card lodgings also have two methods of purchase, one cheaper than the other; the lower costs are listed here.

Brassembassyroom.png A guest room at the Brass Embassy[edit source]

(Note: Upon purchase, you gain 1 x Uncanny Incunabulum and 5 x Aeolian Scream.) ← Flyte, this is the only Lodgings purchase of the three which doesn't help with PoSI EQ construction, right? Remove the note, then.

Royalbethroom.png A Room at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel[edit source]

(Note: Upon purchase, you gain 2 x Stolen Kisses, 1 x Blackmail Material and 1 x Cellar of Wine, items which can used for further crafting.) ← Flyte, these items are only useful if people buy the hotel room beforehand.

Bazaarpremises.png Premises at the Bazaar[edit source]

PoSI option:

(Note: Upon purchase, you gain 1 x Uncanny Incunabulum and 5 x Muscaria Brandy.) ← Flyte, the 5 Brandy can contribute to the purchase of the Brass Embassy guestroom, but it's such a small amount. You'd also have to remember to purchase the Bazaar Premises before the Embassy guestroom.

Components[edit source]

In this space: an explanation of carousels and Side Street purchases.

Component Sell Price Carousel Side-streets Item Category[1]
Bazaar Permit 12.50 Fighting a War of Assassins Heartsmall.png 100 x Romantic Notion

Sunsetsmall.png 10 x Vision of the Surface


Bejewelled Lens

12.50 - Diamondredsmall.png 1 x Magnificent Diamond

Moonpearlsmall.png 1000 x Moon-Pearl

Diamondbluesmall.png 10 x Ostentatious Diamond

Scrawl1small.png 60 x Correspondence Plaque

Book of Hidden Bodies 6.00 - Masksmall.png 6 x An Identity Uncovered!

Silhouettemansmall.png 300 x Inkling of Identity

Conversationsmall.png 30 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip

Cellar of Wine 12.50 - Bottlegiantsmall.png 1 x Bottle of Broken Giant 1844

Bottleandglassredsmall.png 250 x Bottle of Greyfields 1882

Bottlemorelwayssmall.png 50 x Bottle of Morelways 1872

Bottlewillowsmall.png 5 x Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe

Volume of Collated Research 2.50 Fighting a War of Assassins (Gains 16) Appallingsecretsmall.png 12 x Appalling Secret

Scaryeyesmall.png 2 x Tale of Terror!!

Collection of Curiosities 6.00 Fighting a War of Assassins Eyestormsmall.png 1 x Storm-Threnody

Cloudssmall.png 2 x Aeolian Scream

Beetlesmall.png 10 x Phosphorescent Scarab

Ratthiefsmall.png 1 x Venge-Rat Corpse

Weaselfightsmall.png 1 x Araby Fighting-Weasel

Signsmall.png 1 x London Street Sign

Horseheadsmall.png 10 x Relic of the Fourth City

Idolsmall.png 10 x Relic of the Third City

Tabletsmall.png 10 x Relic of the Second City

Coinsmall.png 7 x First City Coin

Fossilsmall.png 1 x Unearthly Fossil

Candleblacksmall.png 1 x Mourning Candle

Graffitihierosmall.png 1 x Presbyterate Passphrase

Adorationsmall.png 1 x Touching Love Story

Scrap7small.png 2 x Thirsty Bombazine Scrap

Scrawl1small.png 2 x Correspondence Plaque

Volcanosmall.png 10 x Mystery of the Elder Continent

Comprehensive Bribe 12.50 Fidgeting Writer Adorationsmall.png 1 x Touching Love Story

Heartsmall.png 300 x Romantic Notion

Sunsetsmall.png 30 x Vision of the Surface

Favour in High Places 12.50 Talk of the Town Crypticsecretsmall.png 200 x Cryptic Clue

Silhouettemansmall.png 25 x Inkling of Identity

Doorsmall.png 1 x Secluded Address

Conversationsmall.png 10 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip

Masksmall.png 1 x An Identity Uncovered!

Legal Document 12.50 Doing Business in Wilmot's End Cloudssmall.png 6 x Aeolian Scream

Honeymazedsmall.png 300 x Maniac's Prayer

Scrawl1small.png 30 x Correspondence Plaque

Night on the Town 2.50 - Gossipsmall.png 40 x Intriguing Snippet

Papers3small.png 15 x Compromising Document

Sidebarmakingwavessmall.png Making Waves 6

Personal Recommendation 6.00 Talk of the Town Lipssmall.png 6 x Stolen Kiss

Gossipsmall.png 150 x Intriguing Snippet

Papers3small.png 30 x Compromising Document

Portfolio of Souls 12.50 - Bottledsoulsmall.png 1000 x Soul

Documentsmall.png 75 x Infernal Contract

Bottledsoulbluesmall.png 80 x Brilliant Soul

Strong-Backed Labour 2.50 Doing Business in Wilmot's End Banknotessmall.png 13.5 Echoes Curiosity
Use of Villains 6.00 Enjoying Lethal Prominence (Gains 2 Use of Villains) Appallingsecretsmall.png 80 x Appalling Secret

Booksmall.png 20 x Journal of Infamy

Whirring Contraption 6.00 The Missing Woman at Wilmot's End Beetlesmall.png 120 x Phosphorescent Scarab

Mirrorsmall.png 24 x Memory of Light

  1. Linked entries have Item Conversions