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Paying Your Way

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The wheels of advancement are oiled with gifts. Bribes, you say? Well, if you were being uncouth. And do these people really understand commerce?

Game Instructions: The prices rise as your endeavours progress.

Unlocked with Legion5.png 2 x Unnatural Exuberance

Storylet appears in Question.png Polythreme Streets

Here you can pay to dependably raise Roseyellow.png Fascinating... or Follow.png Investigating... by 10 CP. All options are 50/50 luck challenges that, if successful, will raise the other quality by 10 CP also.

Unnatural Exuberance range Cost raise Fascinating... raise Investigating...
11-8 (up to 4 times) Scrap3small.png 25 Surface-Silk Scraps (2.50 Echoes) Give surface-silk to Clay Men Offer silks to a clothes-colony
7-5 (up to 3 times) Heartsmall.png 50 Romantic Notions (5.00) Spread tales of love and glamour Speak of romance to an empty garden
4-2 (up to 3 times) Volcanosmall.png 25 Mysteries of the Elder Continent (12.50) Speak of the Elder Continent at Arcimboldo's
4-2 (up to 3 times) Librarysmall.png 5 Volume of Collated Research (12.50) Present your findings to an academic gone native