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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

This Guide is about how to best make Echoes; if you're more interested in Hinterand Scrip check Hinterland Scrip-Making

Overview[edit source]

The game is best thought of as a means to read a story. To that end, until you are approaching the high level (all stats at or near cap and so forth), the best sources of Echoes are the content you're seeing. There is very little that may be considered truly "profitable" before the player becomes a A Person of Some Importance (PoSI), given both content locks and stat requirements. Even then, many money-making grinds require significant investment in capital or end-game leveled stats in order to be completed reliably and efficiently,

The Grinds[edit source]

The short version, for those looking for a TL/DR: If you have a fully upgraded Lab and have also completed your Ambition, use one of the high-end lab grinds (3 - 3.78 EPA). The Wilmot's End/Doubt Street Newspaper grind is profitable and has fairly easy skill checks for a high level character (3.73 EPA). Helicon House gives access to a number of useful grinds, especially if you have free access (3.21-4.14 EPA). Otherwise you'd probably want to either break down skeletons at the Bone Market (3.125 EPA if your Dangerous is at least 250), or to send the Struggling Artist out for honey (2.5 EPA if you've simply unlocked the lab).

You can also go the route of Hinterland Scrip-making and convert hinterland scrips to Tinned Hams (125 scrips for 63.5 echoes when sold at the bazaar, for 0.508 echoes/scrip).

Other good grinds include excavating the Tomb of the Silken Thread in the Forgotten Quarter (2.27 EPA), or trading Orphans to the Court of the Wakeful Eye in exchange for Tribute (up to 2.22 EPA).

Fate-locked[edit source]

  • Fate-locked selling your soul (28.15 EPA, increasing amounts of Fate required)
  • Fate-locked expeditions (7 Fate for 5.3 EPA [under correct conditions])
  • Tanah-Chook, unlocked by the "All Things Must End" Exceptional story (1.8 EPA)
  • Fate-locked selling your soul (1.8 EPA, easily locked out of)
  • Fate-locked Soul Trade (via Unfinished Business 1.75 EPA, with access to the Spa in Ealing Gardens up to 3.21 EPA)

Regular Grinds[edit source]

The following can be done only with skill-checks.

  • Ealing Gardens Spa Grind: If you've made it out to Ealing and set up a spa, you can continuously attend for a treatment and average out at 2.875 EPA (or 3.28 EPA for Spirifers), presuming both successes appear equally. The downside is that there's a large amount of effort required to get out to Ealing and build the spa. Until then, this grind is gated. Once unlocked, it is a very reliable grind, since it doesn't require any skill-checks (the journey to Ealing Gardens and back aside)

Lab-based Grinds[edit source]

For those with very high Watchful, a host of new grinds have opened up by acquiring your own Lab at the University. There are a lot of steps to get to the point that these grinds are helpful, and some are dependent on your character having completed a specific Ambition.

Some of these grinds have been extremely profitable until February 2021 when they were significantly nerfed, reducing EPA to be more in line with what can be generally achieved by other means.

Of note: the Lab is still new content and the specifics are still being hashed out. More grinds are being discovered in this content regularly, and Failbetter is continuing to add even more content. Keep your eye on this space!

  • Forging Infernal Sharpshooter's Rifles by disguising Ancient Hunting Rifles. (2.87 EPA or higher, requires having completed either Ambition:Nemesis! or Ambition:Bag A Legend!). If you have both the Esurient Smith/April and Lettice, the Mercy in your Lab, you can use them together (the action with April) to create a lot of research towards your project and create a forged Sharpshooter's Rifle, which sells for 210 echoes. Assuming you've leveled up your lab equipment to level 7, they will produce 26 research on a successful Watchful check and 22 on a failure. A fairly reasonable and attainable benchmark for this is Watchful 275, which will get you a 75% chance of success, although higher is very possible. With this, you will get an average of 25 research, making the project take 75 actions for an average 2.8 EPA.
    • You can, however, pay 10 Fate to upgrade your lab's equipment to level 9. This Fate payment only happens once, but this bumps up the research to 30 on a success and 26 on a failure. This makes the project take an average of 64.9 actions, resulting in ~3.23 EPA.
  • Investigating Impossible Theorems via Red Science. The Theorem is extremely hard to research requiring 12 000 Research and 550 Parabolan Research.
    • Requires Dawnmachine.png Artisan of the Red Science of at least 10 to have 100% success on Use what you know of the unknowable Action. 11 (the maximum level possible as of Feb 2021) will make the grind more profitable.
      • Reaching AotRS of 10 requires increasing cap to 7 by gaining Dawnmachine.png Artisan Studies 2 from Dream Up A New Experiment, which becomes available after progressing on the Railway content. The remaining +3 bonus can be obtained only by equipping items, some of which are tied to specific Ambitions, Professions or Seasonal Events. See Artisan of the Red Science Items for a list of all possible items and where to get them.
      • AotRS of 10 will allow to complete the non-Parabolan piece of Research in 429 actions (28 Research per Action), AotRS of 11 will result in 388 actions at 31 RPA.
    • Parabolan Research can be gained from different sources. The below calculations assume you have Mirror1.png Glass Studies of 2.
      • A Visionary Student will generate 14 Parabolan Research per action, completing the Parabolan piece in 40 actions. Note that using the Visionary Student will significantly increase Nightmares (+40 CP per Theorem), impacting and EPA.
      • Cora Bagley (from completing Ambition: Heart's Desire! will complete Parabolan Research in the same 40 actions, but without generating Nightmares.
      • Esurient Smith (from completing Ambition: Nemesis) will complete Parabolan Research in 27 actions.
      • Hephaesta (from completing Ambition: Light Fingers!) will complete Parabolan Research in 28 actions.
    • Depending on the options you have available and considering 2 actions to start and finish, the Project will take from 471 (429+2+40) to as little as 417 (388+27+2) actions to complete, resulting in 3.32 EPA to 3.75 EPA
      Note: Actually getting the Impossible Theorem is a very difficult Watchful challenge (level 500). Even with max Watchful stat and gear it will likely take about 3 attempts to succeed (and failure gives Wounds). So this grind will effectively consume a few extra actions on average (either for directly repeating the challenge or for getting Second Chances to use). The impact on EPA should be negligible.
  • Investigating Queenly Attar via Kataleptic Toxicology: This works in the same way as the Impossible Theorem-grind explained above, only substituting branches based on Red Science with branches based on Kataleptic Toxicology. Assuming that the player has a modified Kataleptic Toxicology-level of 9, the Laboratory Research can be built in 16 actions. With Toxicology-level of 10, you'll only need 15 actions. With Fate (and the right profession and Ambition), a max of 12 Toxicology is possible, which requires only 13 actions. Raising the Parabolan research can be done in a single action if you use the Esurient Smith or Hephaesta, or two actions otherwise. As usual, note the Honey cost of entering Parabola.
    So with 10 Toxicology and no Smith/Hephaesta: (62.5 (reward) - 2 (honey cost)) / (15 (research) + 2 (Parabolan research) + 2 (start and finish)) = 3.18 EPA
    With 10 Toxicology and with the Smith/Hephaesta: (62.5 - 2) / (14 + 1 + 2) = 3.56 EPA
    The max possible (Toxicology 12): (62.5 - 2) / (13 + 1 + 2) = 3.78 EPA

Bone Market-based Grinds[edit source]

  • Breaking down skeletons: Start building a new skeleton with a Human Ribcage, then immediately break down the skeleton). This is a Dangerous challenge which is 100% straightforward with Dangerous 250. It yields 625 x Whispered Hints on success, which means 3.125 EPA. Even if your Dangerous is somewhat lower, failure gets you 625 x Bone Fragments on failure so on average it's still profitable.

Helicon House-based Grinds[edit source]

Since the winter balance patch, Helicon House in Ealing Gardens is significantly less efficient, and the grinds fairly straightforward. Best results still require buying the fate locked Pendant of Helicon Amber.


Different companions can be used to improve the above grinds. Unless you need +fitting, simply use the best one you have available and use their option when you can. From best to worst:

Fascination > Own spouse > Casing > Inspired > Fitting > Going alone > Investigating

Luck-based Grinds[edit source]

The following have a range in pay-outs and should only be considered in large batches for an overall EPA.

  • Polythreme with a 5 card lodgings (2.1 EPA on a perfect run, averages 1.71 - 1.76 EPA depending on luck odds and excluding the cost of getting to/from Polythreme and acquiring an extra card for the grind)
  • Tale of the Fidgeting Writer (~1.92 EPA without grinding items, ~1.57 with grinding. It is recommended that players convert large batches of Tales of Terror (e.g., thousands) at a time given the heavy RNG influence in this storyline.
    • This storyline requires at least Watchful 120, though it is composed entirely of Luck challenges.
  • Heists in the Flit (1.94 to 1.998 EPA, depending on risks taken. Read the entire comment section for details.) [The new heists kicked this into competitive territory, but they're still very chance-based--a simulator suggests an EPA of approximately 1.78, once accounting for Luck challenges and Menace gains. Heists also require a substantial preliminary investment in order to maximize the player's chances, such as Intricate Kifers, Dreaded 10, and a 5-Card Lodging.
  • Port Carnelian (1.9+ EPA)
    • 2.1+ EPA with optimal (within sane limits) strategy. Port Carnelian may be used to raise Tribute for the Orphan-grind as well.

Reference[edit source]

These aren't grinds, classically, but are here to show you how many echoes you're earning in various repeatable activities:

Unfinished Business[edit source]

Most Unfinished Business storylets average 1 Echo per action in a specific type of item. Note that this means they are roughly equivalent to a 2 EPA grind that is used to buy the items directly from the Bazaar. Rare successes and ranged successes alter the overall EPA of Unfinished Business in the following instances:

Unknown EPA[edit source]

Cards[edit source]

This section only lists cards with greater than 1.5 EPA.

Rare Frequency Cards:

Grinding (3200) Scraps to trade in with one of the Relickers for a Tier 8 (1562.5e) item is only efficient if an average rate of 3+ Scraps per action is maintained, giving roughly 1.5 EPA. Scraps are generally worth approximately .5e each.

The Nadir[edit source]

The Nadir, which is unlocked with the conclusion of the Secular Missionary storyline, is also a notable source of profit. However, players are forcibly ejected from the cave when reaching 10 x Irrigo. It is not possible to return until the next visit from Time, the Healer (unless they wish to pay 50 Fate). Accumulating large amounts of Irrigo results in significant reduction of the four main attributes.

The most profitable action in the game is A special delivery? although it is very expensive (in terms of actual money). There are more efficient ways to gain Echoes via Fate, see the section on Fate-locked grinds at the top of the page.

Historical[edit source]


Some grinds have been nerfed so much are simply become unavailable that they are not mentioned on this page anymore. These grinds are preserved here for historical interest but are no longer relevant for Money-Making.