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Join the Young Stags' Club

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From: Joining the Stags

Your larks are magnificent. Are you ready to don the Wag's Antlers and the Cardinal's Bloomers, and set forth on the Joining Guzzle? Assuming you're appropriately wealthy and well-bred, of course.

Unlocked with Baldman.png 1 x Favour in High Places, Wineglass.png 2 x Cellar of Wine, Document.png 3 x Personal Recommendation

Locked with Crowd2.png A Member in Good Standing


A Stag! A Stag!

[…] Chuffy records the splendid length of your Guzzle in the club's ledger […]. You are pronounced a Young Stag […]. […] you can't really feel your lips any more, but that's hardly the point. The society of London's finest wealthy wastrels is yours.

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