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Player guides for one and all!

This pages lists the various guides in the wiki. Feel free to explore!

Do not be shy about writing your own guides! If you're not familiar with Fandom, other editors can assist you with coding; just contact an admin or any other active editor through their Message Walls.

Game Mechanics Guides[edit source]


Attributes and Leveling[edit source]

Making Your Name[edit source]

Faction[edit source]

Storyline Guides[edit source]


A Person of Some Importance[edit source]

Progress Guides[edit source]

Repeatable Activities[edit source]


Location Specific Guides[edit source]


Item acquisition and handling[edit source]


Seasonal Content[edit source]

  • Wiki note: Knife-and-Candle has been on hiatus for several years and might never return. Even if it does chance are small this Guide will still be remotely useful.

Wiki Guides[edit source]


Desired Guides[edit source]


If you're looking for a guide to some aspect of the game and it doesn't exist yet, feel free to list it here. If you see a missing guide listed here and you think you can create one, please do! Any contribution is appreciated!

Existing Guides Needing Work[edit source]

If you find that one of the existing guides could use some editing attention, feel free to list it here.

Guides which permanently need watching to ensure they stay up to date[edit source]

If a Guide is about a subject which constantly changes list it here.