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Go mushroom-picking

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From: The Clay Highwayman, alone

He contrives little chores for you to do together. Not because of what his followers might think – if anything, they seem more at ease with what is happening between the two of you than he is.

Unlocked with Roseyellow.png Fascinating... 5, Maskrose.png A Game with the Clay Highwayman exactly 2


In the silent woods

Of late, he has developed an infuriating habit of looking as though he's just about to kiss you. Then he remembers himself[…]

[…]"Sorry," he says, after his lips part with yours. You have never known him to apologise[…]"I should have done it sooner,"[…]

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]

  • Roseyellowsmall.png Fascinating... is dropping… (-15 CP)
  • Maskrosesmall.png Error, A Game with the Clay Highwayman is neither a quality nor an item. Please check if A Game with the Clay Highwayman exists, and if it doesn't please create it with the appropriate template.