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Gather more evidence. Be sure.

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From: Ambition: Nemesis - Unmasking your Nemesis

Action Cost: 5

Your quest demands certainty, not supposition.

Game Instructions: This will reveal the suspects and allow you to progress, but it is more costly.

Unlocked with Papers3.png 10 x Compromising Document, Library.png 2 x Volume of Collated Research, Implication.png 2 x Extraordinary Implication, Crypticsecret.png 500 x Cryptic Clue

Locked with Lurkersilhouette.png Naming the Culprits 34


A process of elimination

Over two ponderous nights you rule out more than half the Masters […]


Two names remain: Mirrors and Cups. […] One of them […] planned the murder. […] [Y]ou'll need to penetrate […] the Bazaar itself.

Description summary:
You eliminate the Masters that have nothing to do with emptiness or filling. Eventually you determine your suspects are Mr Mirrors and Mr Cups. You're not sure who commissioned the murder between the two, so you're going to have to sneak into the Bazaar to find out.

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