If you edited on fallenlondon.fandom.com at least once prior to 22 March, 2021, you can log in here using the same username and password that you used to log into Fandom. We'll verify your account details and grant you access here.

Fallen London Wiki:Migration

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If you created a Fandom/Wikia account and have contributed to the Fandom Fallen London Wiki prior to 22 March, 2021, you can migrate your account over to our wiki. As a result, you'll retain all of your edit history. To migrate your account, all you need to do is login to this wiki with your Fandom credentials. We'll check the credentials against Fandom's login servers. If your login was successful, you'll be prompted to enter a new password to complete the migration. After that, your account on this wiki will be completely separate from your Fandom account.

Limitations[edit source]

  • While your personal CSS and JS pages will be intact, the code they contain may either be obsolete or broken. This is because we use an updated version of MediaWiki and a different skin. Importantly, importing scripts from Wikia's developer wiki will no longer work.

Troubleshooting[edit source]

Can't log in[edit source]

If you can't login, ensure that you created an account on Fandom and contributed to the wiki prior to 22 March, 2021. Ensure that you are trying to login using your correct Fandom username and password - if you keep getting errors about an incorrect password, try changing your password through Fandom and trying again here.

If you still have issues, contact us using Special:Contact.

I've created an account accidentally, can I merge it?[edit source]

Yes. Please contact us from an email address that either account is associated with. You will be required to verify that you control both accounts.

What if I'm not comfortable providing my credentials?[edit source]

If you're not comfortable providing us your credentials, you can manually verify your account.

  • Create a new account on this wiki.
  • On your Fandom user page, post the phrase "My new username is ____." with the username of your new account.
  • Message Alan or contact us to manually verify your Fandom account. We'll merge the new account into the old account, and you'll keep access.