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Compile notes on the Correspondence

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From: Epistolary Matters

Such as you understand it.

Game Instructions: Once read, it will increase the recipient's Watchful, Dangerous, and A Scholar of the Correspondence qualities. It will also hurt them.

Unlocked with Violant.png A Pot of Violant Ink, Papers3.png 5 x F.F. Gebrandt's Flame-Resilient Paper, Implication.png 2 x Extraordinary Implication, Library.png 2 x Volume of Collated Research

Locked with Envelope.png A Letter, Ready to Mail



Violant ink doesn't like getting out of the inkwell and onto the pen; and then[…] it doesn't like coming off it and onto the page. The pages themselves are no happier for what you're doing to them[…]

You include extensive notes […] in […] the Correspondence[…]

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