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Action edit is not allowed on comment pages.

Could this get a slightly more prominent place in the navigator/<a href="/wiki/Fallen_London_Wiki" title="Fallen London Wiki">Main Page</a>/<a href="/wiki/Help:Editing" title="Help:Editing">Help</a> pages?

I unkowningly added Fate-locked content, thinking only rewards should be hidden (as that was the only thing I'd seen an example of) and by the time I'd finally found this page the damage was already done.

I marked the <a href="/wiki/Steel_and_Stone/edit?redlink=1" class="new" title="Steel and Stone (page does not exist)">page in question</a> for deletion already, but it actually took me some major detour (via <a href="/wiki/Template:Action" title="Template:Action">Template:Action</a>) to finally find these guidelines.