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Unlocks[edit source]

Accomplishment Action
Chap1.png An Admirer of Art Seduce a Struggling Artist: a night to remember?
Bohogirl1.png An Admirer of Beauty Seduce a Struggling Artist's Model: the resolution!
Houseofchimes.png Admitted to the House of Chimes FATE
Mansionbalcony.png An Ambassador An Embassy to London 2
Deportestration.png Banished from the Court On the way to the docks
Flames.png A Brazen Fate FATE
Newspaper.png Cardinal of Conspiracy Publish: The finest kind of madness
Paperstack.png A Certificate indicating Feducci's Acknowledgement Trade Feducci's Favour for a Commemorative Certificate
Cheeryman2.png The Cheery Man's Fate One of the possible conclusions of the Family and Law story
Wineglass.png Closest To Choosing a Side
Duchess2.png A Clue from the Duchess Share information with the Duchess
Sailor2.png A Clue from the Princess Share information with the Injurious Princess
Widow.png A Clue from the Widow Share confessions with the Widow
Question.png A Co-Conspirator of Mr Fires Heave the cage onto the desk
Red gold.png Committed Marry a Spouse
Bag.png A Consequence of your Ambition Complete an Ambition
Question.png A Cup, Half-Empty Accept Mr Cups' bargain; spare its life
Bohogirl3.png The Darling of the Ambassador's Ball Make Your Name: Getting to the Ball
Newspaper.png Defender of Truth Publish: An edition brimming with truth and wisdom
Map.png A Diplomat in the Making A posting with the Foreign Office or The Servant of a Certain Gentleman
Typewriter.png An Editor of Newspapers The Start of the Day's Business or Your own newspaper
Question.png The Empty Cup Refuse the offer, and let Mr Cups die
Attacker.png Enjoying Lethal Prominence 'By the Way, Someone Is Trying to Kill You.' or Assassins
Waves2.png An Explorer of the Unterzee Acquire a ship: Get on and build the thing, 'Salvage' the ship, Sit down next to Mr Apples, or The Rusty Tramp Steamer
Fanghat.png Free of Surface Ties Surface Ties: done with the surface
Mercyhand.png Freed from the Name Turn back or "Free me. End this madness."
Box2.png From the Imaginary Suitcase Enthusiastic Urchin: An Imaginary Suitcase RETIRED
Box2.png From the Less Imaginary Suitcase Enthusiastic Urchin: the Postman's Pleasure RETIRED
Pawnblack.png The Great Game - A Fine Piece in the Game Complete the story of the Cheesemonger
Hallowmass.png A Hallowmas Reveller of Old Participate in Hallowmas before 1894 (2016)
Angel.png Honoured with a Statue End Jack: In the snug
Followphoto.png Images of a Wedding Choose a Venue
Tentacles.png In Possession of a Peculiar Personal Enhancement FATE
Jack.png Jack's Gone End Jack: In the snug
Foxmask hallowmas.png A Knight of Hallowmas 1897 Accept an accolade from the Fool
Gleam.png Looked Upon Fondly Wave goodbye
Prisonwindow.png The Mark of Destiny Learn your Destiny
Crowd2.png A Member in Good Standing Join a club: Join the Young Stags' Club, Accept graciously, An Invitation to Sophia's or A Card in Viric
Forgottenquarter.png Membership of the Temple Club THE SILVER TREE RETIRED
Seamonster2.png Monster Nurturer The Hatching: What Emerges
Diamond.png Paramount Presence Known to All
Ballotbox.png A Participant in the 1894 Election The Victor is Announced!
Ballotbox.png A Participant in the 1895 Election 1895: The Victor is Announced!
Ballotbox.png A Participant in the 1896 Election An Electoral Career
Ballotbox.png A Participant in the 1897 Election An Electoral Career
Question.png A Participant of the Hookman House Escapade! Rush to investigate
Diamond.png A Person of Some Importance You understand
Map.png A Power in Waiting The Troubles So Far
Noman.png A Private Tattoo of your Noman, Inscribed in Gant An Incident: Get a private tattoo of your noman
Banknotes.png Profession Adopt a Profession or Adopt a Training Profession
Newspaper.png Prophet of the Gutter Publish: The tawdry secrets of the famous laid bare!
Heartsdesire.png Renown: the Marvellous Play in earnest
Declaim3.png Restored to the Court of Her Enduring Majesty Host a State Dinner
Gleam.png Stars Under Skin FATE
Medal.png Successful Terms as Governor Honoured with a State Dinner, An audience with the Banded Prince, or An equine festival
Flames.png A Survivor of the Iron Republic Back to zee
Stalactite.png A True Denizen of the Neath Complete an Ambition
Newspaper.png The Unexpurgated Gazette: Hallowmas Edition of 1892 The Hallowmas Edition
Newspaper.png The Unexpurgated Gazette: Hallowmas Edition of 1893 The Hallowmas Edition
Newspaper.png The Unexpurgated Gazette: Hallowmas Edition of 1894 The Hallowmas Edition 1894
Newspaper.png The Unexpurgated Gazette: Hallowmas Edition of 1895 The Hallowmas Edition 1895
Newspaper.png The Unexpurgated Gazette: Hallowmas Edition of 1896 The Hallowmas Edition 1896
Deportestration.png Unwelcome at the University It was the Provost of Summerset!
Flag.png A Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks Fight for the neddies or Fight for the dockers
Weasel2.png A Weaseller You Appear to Have Purchased an Extraordinary Number of Weasels

Advanced Stats[edit source]

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