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Request for Feedback: Item Obtainability
(created by PSGarak on 19:46, 23 February 2021)
I have plans to add a new pair of parameters to {{Item}} to denote items that cannot be obtained from regular gameplay. I would like some feedback from other Editors on whether this is worthwhile, the overall design, the details, and the wording.

Fate-locked items used to be clearly […]
New Template: Variant table
(created by PSGarak on 17:40, 21 October 2020)
I've created a new Template named Variant table to help us manage the new amount of dynamic content that has come out in the past year or so for Fallen London. The community has generally settled on tables to collect all of the textual or mechanical variations. This Template packages up the table […]
Truncate Template
(created by PSGarak on 15:08, 18 September 2020)
After a successful roll-out in the {{Quality}} template, the {{Truncate}} template is now ready for prime time. This Template is meant to help enforce the Editing Guidelines on this wiki. For background on this template, see this discussion about text truncation.

This template is intended […]