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An Episode for Exceptional Friends

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Each month, new content is available for Exceptional Friends.

See Category:An Episode for Exceptional Friends for pages which require this quality (or specific levels of it), or click here to show them.

Wiki note: Exceptional Stories are now unlocked automatically: If you're a subscriber any time during a story's month, you'll keep it. New stories are typically released on the last Thursday of each month. Finishing an Exceptional Story will give a Book.png Memory of a Tale.

Levels[edit source]

Stories predating Exceptional Seasons:

The Season of Heart's Blood:

The Season of Family Ties:

The Season of Revolutions:

The Season of Wrecks:

The Season of Skies:

The Season of Stones:

The Season of Ruins:

The Season of Sceptres:

The Season of Silver:

The Season of Adorations:

The Season of Embers:

The Season of Celebrations:

The Season of Hobbies:

The Season of Explorations:

The Season of Bargains

The Season of Propinquity

The Season of Animals

The Season of Endeavour

Stories postdating Exceptional Seasons: