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Ambition: Nemesis

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A loved one is dead. Their murderer must be found, wherever they may hide.

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Unlocked with

Main Attribute: Owl.png Watchful and Bear.png Dangerous

Substories related to the main Ambition[edit source]

Progress[edit source]

First steps[edit source]

The Forgotten Quarter[edit source]

The Shuttered Palace[edit source]

The Tomb-Colony of Venderbight[edit source]

Back in London:[edit source]

In the Iron Republic:[edit source]

Back in London:[edit source]

Remembering Lilac:[edit source]

The Book of Red Murder[edit source]

A Cardinal Sin (Midnight's Honey)[edit source]

Fixing the Mirror[edit source]

Through Parabola[edit source]

Finale/Climax: Mr. Cups' Sanctum[edit source]

Choices[edit source]

(Editor's Note: If you have noticed the missing colons, these titles are exactly what they are in-game at this time of writing. Failbetter's writers did not exactly do their Quality Assurance well for this phase of the Ambition.)

Aftermath[edit source]

If you killed your nemesis, then after 24 hours the following Living Story is triggered:

Followed by:

If you spared your nemesis, then the following Living Story is triggered:

An invitation on black vellum appears for you. It is hand-delivered by the Shivering Relicker, on her ruined cart, to your door. The text is in silver-leaf. It reads simply: "The Forgotten Quarter. The Amphitheater. All is prepared.

This is followed by:

Long-Term Rewards[edit source]

You get to hire the Esurient Smith.

  • Hire in the Esurient Smith: The Esurient Smith is good at any project involving metals. His greater value is his Parabolan-self, which grants the most amount of Parabola.png Parabolan Research from Parabolan-selves of research assistants at this time of writing.

There are also the rewards that come every four weeks.