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Ambition: Bag a Legend!

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Progress in looking for the Vake.

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Unlocked with

Main Attribute: Bear.png Dangerous and Owl.png Watchful

Main Progress[edit source]

Learn about the Vake[edit source]

A weapon to kill the Vake

Black Wings Absinthe[edit source]

The Sisterhood[edit source]

Assassins[edit source]

April[edit source]

A University Laboratory[edit source]

Impersonation[edit source]

Seeking Parabola[edit source]

Parabola[edit source]

Aspects of the Vake[edit source]

The Curator[edit source]

The Intriguer[edit source]

The Betrayer[edit source]

The end[edit source]

Twenty-four hours later[edit source]

If you killed all aspects of the Vake[edit source]

If you spared an aspect of the Vake[edit source]

Long-Term Rewards[edit source]

Ending-Specific Rewards[edit source]

Other possible equipment rewards[edit source]

Miscellaneous Opportunities[edit source]