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A Boxful of Intrigue

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Is this a box best left closed? Will you look anyway?

[Gain this through storylets in Spite and certain opportunity cards]

See Category:A Boxful of Intrigue for pages which require this quality (or specific levels of it), or click here to show them.

Unlocked with

This is a grindable carousel that will gain 7 Stolen Kisses (17.50 E), 35 Compromising Documents (17.50 E), 35 Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe (17.50 E) or 8 Mourning Candles (20.00 E) after 14 actions (assuming no failures). If you Intercept the messages at Encryption of a Sort (The Conscience of Empire aligned) and pick the candles, this carousel nets (20E + 3x1E) / 14A = 1.64 E/A

Note: You can also gain 1 Favours: Urchins and 6 Aeolian Screams or 1 Favours: Criminals and 300 Stolen Correspondence as the final reward (Both 15 E + 1 Favour)

The storylets generally have broad Shadowy 130 checks, so you would need Shadowy to be at 217 to play them at a 100% chance of success. They are also a reasonable way to grind Shadowy at higher levels.

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