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Thoughts on item representation

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Please, dont take this as a complaint. I bow deep before you guys that build this and value every minute you spend on making it! Futhermore, so far I havent delved too deep into this wiki's structure to catch every glimpse of it. But being rather a noob to FL this wiki was as helpful as it was a pain to use. Maybe some of my thoughts may help to improve it, especially from a beginners point of view - and to calm ur worst fears down, I'm rather new to FL, not to wikis (u may take this as a reference). I'm quite aware of the fact, that I dont know better what has been build up over years - I just offer my help, will make a cautious approach to edits and already beg pardon for the trouble I may cause.

What do I see on an item page?

  • item desciption - text which is shown in the character's inventory
  • The message I get when item is bought
  • The message I get when item is sold
  • Bazaar value for buying/selling item
  • Effects
  • Other uses
  • sources
  • what happens when I use this item

Assumption, thoughts: this is like the least important information is shown first and  the most important facts are not shown at all or hidden behind links:

  • item description (fine)
  • buy/sell message, value (what's the use in knowing the item's value or its messages, when I dont even know where to trade it?
  • Effects (no idea what that is good for, never seen any item making really a use of it)
  • other uses/sources (leads to category-pages. Questionable benefit; item conversion not even hinted)
  • Options when item is used - is something I'd rather expect right after the item's description

What about

  • groups items belong to? (true only for first item in each group, others say: create this by ...)
  • the infobox-templates I stumbled over? U think them too hard to edit for average users and thus dont use them?

Anyway, I'll try to throw in an iteminfo template